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I started working with Lisa in order to help relieve anxiety and support overall organ health. What I got was a plethora of new knowledge around Traditional Chinese Medicine, peace of mind, clarity, relief from pain and a practitioner who is dedicated to her clients’ entire health and well-being. I have always had challenges with my gut. I was diagnosed with leaky gut and candida overgrowth in the blood stream years ago. Through food, I have been able to heal a great deal, but have felt that my digestive tract is still very weak at times. I periodically have some discomfort, indigestion or have days of exhaustion even though I had a good nights’ sleep. Lisa has been able to help strengthen my digestive track, reducing those symptoms. Whenever I am feeling a bit sluggish I book a session with Lisa and by the next day I have my energy back again. I also suffer with severe muscle tension do to a very cold condition, especially during the winter months. Lisa was able to stimulate my inner heat through a series of acupuncture treatments throughout the winter months. It was the first winter I have ever had that I was not chronically cold to the bone! Thank you, Lisa for helping me get through this winter! What I love most is her ability to help me relax for days at time with a single acupuncture treatment and some Gua sha! Those treatments especially, are the ones I cherish. I feel normal, peaceful and calm. I am not easily angered; my mood stabilizes and I feel like I can accomplish anything with the added clarity that I gain. The anxiety seems to just melt away. I highly recommend Lisa to everyone I meet who is suffering with anxiety, gut issues or a variety of any other health issues.
— Ashley S.